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Gaelcholaiste Ui Chonba

Second Year Students Win National Young Entrepreneur Intermediate Final

People swimming; Actual Size=130 pixels wide

The French Connection

French Exchange Students

Mary McAleese at the F1 Stand at National Finals Y.E.S. 2001

Netdays 2001; Actual Size=130 pixels wide


Noelle Westropp Bennett pictured with Eilish Ni Murchu, Edward O Loinsigh, Meadhbh De Nais agus Deirdre Ni Ghiolla Phradaig, members of the 1999 Debating team who were runners up in the V.E.C. County Colleges Final.


2nd Year Art Students with their art projects for Junior Certificate along with their teacher Maria Ni Thoibin

Winners in the "Limericks" Competition
organised by N.C.T.E.

Now I stare in despair
I cant find this file anywhere
I found my pick
And did a double click
And thats what I wanted to declare.
Paidín Mulcahy

I put on a bet,
To go on the net,
I didnt go sad,
When Johnny said I was mad,
Thats something I will never forget.
Áine McCoy

As I hold this box, what can it be?
I push the mouse, runs blindly, what dont I see
Surf the net, log on to Hitachi.
Oh! Its making me weary.
P.C.speak to me!
Enda Kenneally

A man was doing a course on computer,
He said he didnt need a tutor,
He clicked on the mouse,
Which blew up the house,
Hell know better in future
Kerrie Moore

 A friend who lives in the States,
Used chat rooms so as to get dates,
He went out with girl called Bella,
Turned out shes a fella,
And now he gets slagged by his mates.
  S. Kelly & D. Leahy 

I Know A Man Called Fred,
Sometimes I Wish He Was Dead,
He Went On The Net,
To Place A Bet,
And Now He Is Rich, So He Said.
  Declan Leahy

There was a man from Athboy,
Who bought a computer as a toy,
It wasnt long before it broke,
He got a stroke,
And the poor old man did die.
Ainé Warren

The Internet is a funny place,
Where you can learn about the human race,
You surf the net,
And try to get,
Information at a fast pace.
  Triona Warren

There was a young boy called John Paul,
Who set himself up for a fall,
Hes surfing e-mail,
Avoiding the Jail,
So he wont have to jump over the wall.
Aoife McCoy

I have a friend named Gail,
She took a course to teach us e-mail,
She made a friend called Stan,
Who went cos. he couldnt scan,
But still their attempts did fail.
Sebrina McCoy

A computer technician from Cork,
Got annoyed when I called him a Dork,
It was only a joke
So I gave him a poke
But then he stabbed me with a fork.
Seamus Kelly

I knew a man from Kanturk,
He used to download from work.
I heard he got tired,
So he got fired.
And his name John Burke!
Liam Brennan

I knew a fellow called Stan.
He would never teach me how to scan.
I bought a new computer.
But couldnt find a tutor.
And now I can only do the best I can.
  Declan O Sullivan

A man ordered shoes on the net,
When he got them the shoes were wet.
It turns out what he put on was not his shoe,
It was his dog Lu Lu
Who he now has to take to the vet.
  Dara O Shea

There was a young man called Luther
Who wanted to work a computer
So he went into Dell
Met a woman called Nell
And now shes his computer tutor!!
Ryan O Doherty

There once was a man from Kinsale,
Who was one day thrown into a jail,
You see a computer he stole,
But even though he thought he was on a roll,
Was caught and is now looking for bail.
  Bryan Hunt

One day I was surfing on the Internet
When I found a nice house that was to let
I sent an E-mail to the address that was given they sent me back happy liven.
So I packed my bags and off I set,
To the new home that I found on the Net
Dyann Carroll

A space alien landed from Mars,
And broke three electronic cars,
He called his friend Luther,
Who was good on the computer,
And he mended them all with space bars. 
Emma Gleeson

When I discovered e-mail,
I thought I could never fail,
But alas one quite night,
I awoke with a fright,
To find my computer for sale!
Aoife O Dwyer

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